Understanding the True Power of a CMMS

The lack of appropriate and routine maintenance of any business asset will quickly depreciate the value of that business asset; making it vulnerable to physical decay, security holes, and financial depreciation.

Landport Power of CMMS

The purpose of most Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) is simply to help the business owner take control of the asset management process with more ease, but not all CMMS are created equal.

A strong CMMS should be powerful, yet easy to use and help its end-users improve workflow, time management and overall productivity and performance. More control over your facility management goals and better productivity of your field team responsible for those work orders will directly relate to a stronger portfolio of business assets.

So, what should you be looking for in a CMMS?

In today’s competitive climate it’s recommended businesses consider a cloud-based project work order management or facility management software from a provider who takes on the responsibility for powerful but simple cloud-based work order management.  And working with one that’s not only web-based but one that can be easily deployed among your workforce and/or the end-users is user-friendly and intuitive.

Your basic CMMS should provide you with the ability to quickly receive and respond to end-user requests and concerns. Then you should be able to turn around and quickly deploy your workforce and field team to address the questions and concerns.

You should be able to clearly define work orders for your field staff, provide easy-to-follow instructions for mechanics and maintenance, and plan for needed materials, equipment, and additional tools required to complete each task.

You should be able to track the field work progress and report all progress to the rest of the team and/or the end user. And, you should be able to pull reports quickly and easily so everyone is on the same page regarding progress, cost and quality of work performed.

You should also consider the agility and stability of the CMMS. A cloud-based system means it’s more agile and accessible; 24/7. Additionally, it can save you money over time because there’s no software or hardware for you to purchase and install.

Landport Research of CMMS

What else should you consider when researching CMMS providers?

The software is just a part of the package you should be looking at. Make sure the service company itself offers support to help setup, train and offer general support to your field team and staff. Without this background, you’re just purchasing another static app that can cause you more learning curve, troubleshooting time, and money over the lifetime of the service.

Beyond initial cost, you should look at the longevity and innovation of the provider. Many new startups have come and go because of their inability to innovate or because they grossly underestimated the sheer challenge and numerous resources required to deliver cloud-based services. Without the flexibility in the programming to adjust for industry type, size, or performance levels you lose the ability to grow. If you select a service provider with a glitz and glam, but no foundation to build on; no substance behind the curtains, it can cost you and your business hundreds or thousands in administrative budgets to find and setup a new provider if the first one goes out of business or gets absorbed by another company.

Landport - Break It Down

A Recap of the benefits of a strong CMMS

  • Use proactively for maintenance and reduce potential problems before they occur
  • Aids in less downtime if a problem does arise
  • Improvement of team communications and field staff instruction
  • Improvement in status reporting and workflow
  • Better communication and communication history when working with work order vendors
  • Solicit and track competitive bids from preferred third party vendors
  • Respond to requests with cost estimates & service schedules
  • Provides end-user expectation management
  • Empowers end-user with the ability to initiate a work order and review progress
  • Track communications and maintenance request history for consumer reporting for better overview of per project/client budgeting
  • Provides a clearer picture of backlogged work orders, priorities, and scheduling
  • Provides a way to track bids on work orders if needed
  • Provides a way to track estimated work time versus actual work time
  • Notes regarding inventory and equipment needs
  • Provides a centralized area for maintenance task notes
  • Receive and manage electronic cost estimates and invoices for completed work
  • And, more.

A good CMMS should benefit all parties concerned, property managers, facility managers, project managers, service providers, and tenants. In addition to being able to flex its preverbal muscle across like and aligned industries in the facility management sphere. Landport Systems is ideal for corporate facility management, property management, preventive maintenance, maintenance staff, operational reports and management of third-party service vendors, and it currently serves clients throughout a variety of industry such as commercial & residential real estate, retail spaces, industrial and manufacturing real estate, corporate facilities, financial facilities and banks, K-12 public and private schools, colleges, universities, city, county and state government buildings and offices, hospitals, healthcare organizations, clinics and medical office buildings, family entertainment, public venues, group homes, senior living facilities, non-profits and many others.

Why should you consider Landport Systems?

Founded in 1998, Landport Systems is pioneer and industry leader in the field of online work order management software with nearly two decades of experience in facility, property and work order management. Landport has been able to leverage that deep knowledge base every day to help customers reduce costs, increase efficiency and improve service. And, Landport Systems is the ONLY patented work order system; with four more patents currently pending. Their innovating spirit is a reflection of their dedication to the customer, the industries they serve, and their ability to “think outside the box.”

The company shows longevity with growth and adaptation since it first ‘opened their doors’ in 1998, and continued the trend with the first patent in 2012. Additionally, Landport Systems carries an average client satisfaction rating of 4.9 out of 5 stars today with long-time clients. This pattern of customer satisfaction shows a lot of trust in the brand.



The reason for such high marks? Landport goes to great lengths to understand the customers’ requirements and workflow, and then makes recommendations and helps configure the software accordingly for the client at time of launch. This extra step ensures the client is most capable of reaching their goals quickly and easily. Most CMMS software providers provide little to know training before or after deployment of their software. Landport wants you to know they have your back from the start and as the client’s needs grow and change.

Take a look at Landport Systems’ core strengths and benefits.

Landport is equally applicable for both fixed and mobile assets. Customers utilizing Landport Systems software have access to a powerful report generator designed to provide meaningful metrics and analysis on all aspects of their facilities and physical assets or properties. In fact, Landport processes hundreds of thousands of work orders annually, and on over a billion square feet of property.

Landport Highlights include:


  • Online service requests and work orders
  • Instant notification
  • Preventive Maintenance
  • Comprehensive Management Reports
  • Rapid Deployment
  • No Software to purchase, install or support
  • Smartphone ready
  • Accessible anywhere 24/7
  • Emergency Management
  • User handbook and portals

Landport customers have access to a powerful report generator, designed to provide operational metrics and management reports on all aspects of their facilities and properties. Landport processes hundreds of thousands of work orders/year, on over a billion square feet of facilities and property. The company has a highly diverse customer base. No two businesses are alike. And, this provides powerful feedback and insight for Landport’s engineers which allows them to continue to develop new and improve on, existing service applications and systems. In fact, they’re due to roll out some amazing new technology early 2017 to new and existing clients that will take this already well-suited system to a whole new level. So stay tuned.

Want to learn more about what a CMMS can do for you and your business or more about the Landport Systems experience?

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