Tips for an Eco-Friendly Facility

Tips For An Eco-Friendly Facility

One of the biggest obstacles many businesses face when going green is the perception that it will be cost-prohibitive.

Many facility managers believe that taking steps to become environmentally responsible will hurt their company’s profitability and dull its competitive edge. Although it’s true that some environmentally conscious efforts can be expensive when compared to conducting business the old-fashioned way, that isn’t true for all of them. Many of the steps you take to create an eco-friendlier facility also can help make your company more profitable. That’s because increasing efficiency and conserving resources often achieves both goals.

For example, energy-efficient lighting options such as LEDs could significantly reduce your facility’s electrical consumption.

This can save operating costs and also cut down on your company’s dependence on nonrenewable resources. Going paperless is another way a business can become more sustainable while also lowering the amount it spends on supplies. Even something as seemingly insignificant as using all-natural or organic cleaning products can go a long way toward making an office, factory or commercial space greener.

Sustainability can be a boon to your bottom line as well as for the planet.

For some additional ideas you can use to make your business or organization eco-friendly, see the accompanying guide.

Tips For An Eco-Friendly Facility from Litetronics
Author bio: Dan Dulik is Vice President of Marketing at Litetronics, manufacturer of commercial LED lighting products, including bulbs and a full line of fixtures and retrofit kits. An alumnus of DePaul University’s Graduate School of Business, he has more than 15 years of experience in B2B and B2C marketing.