6 Tips When Researching Strong CMMS Software Options

Researching benefits of numerous CMMS Software Options and Work Order Management Solutions doesn’t have to be a painful journey.

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When a business experiences equipment failure or inventory deficiencies within its own business assets that can be frustrating enough, but when the business’ client calls about equipment failures, technology challenges, damaged product due to facility failures or general maintenance requests, the situation can swiftly become stressful for all involved without the right resources and systems in place. Because the end client holds a facility manager, owner or property manager responsible for maintenance concerns, it’s vital to have strong systems in places and resources to quickly deploy for resolution. It’s also equally important to have a strong communication platform in place to enable timely direction and response times to both client and field staff or workforce to assure the situation doesn’t become stressful for anyone/everyone involved. Inadequate resources, communication, systems or direction could mean the business is facing more than property deficiencies… It could be facing a damaged client relationship over time.

Investing in a strong CMMS can help alleviate client stress and eliminate concerns of the inadequacy of the facility management team.

Powerful and agile Computerized Maintenance Management System software properly implemented across company applications will be the backbone of that organization. That CMMS will streamline services, better manage client relationships and even reduce unnecessary maintenance overhead. But, selecting the “right” CMMS software options for an organization isn’t always so cut and dry.

Your business needs a CMMS that meets your needs and exceeds expectations, but top heavy software with extra features you don’t need or intend to use just equates to lost opportunity and administrative dollars. And, choosing a platform that cannot grow with your growing needs, leaves you in a situation that can cost you tens of thousands down the road to reimplement new software and procedures later.

With so many options available in today’s marketplace it’s easy to become distracted by the “bling” and forget what’s most important to the business goals. So, before you jump in head-first to any purchase, first outline your short term and long term business goals.

  • What’s the timeline for installation? What’s the timeline for company integration?
  • What is your budget?
  • What are the priorities; features you cannot live without?
  • What problems will this solve?
  • How will you measure progress?

Landport Systems CMMS Software Solutions

Once you have your goals written down then the vendor research begins. Here are a few things to keep in mind as you start calling on each.

(1) Adaptation and customization in a CMMS is a must.

CMMS software isn’t uniquely developed for each individual business it supports, but if it’s designed with agility, and installed with your needs in mind, it should feel like a custom-made suit for your business… a great fit.

(2) In an era of mobilization, it’s important the CMMS solution offers a mobile version for field deployment.

Whether, or not your business is ready for a mobile solution at this time shouldn’t be the main concern here. The larger concern is the solution is already running antiquated technology. And, long term, you need to consider your workforce and your end client. Business moves at a fast pace and will continue to move… so should your CMMS software. An agile and mobile application ensures any user will be able to implement and utilize the technology from any equipment and from any location.

(3) What kind of support does the vendor provide at time of installation and beyond?

Because CMMS software is a customizable solution (or at least it should be), installing and integrating the software for company use isn’t always a one-click initiation. The software should be adaptable to your needs, making installations often variable from business to business. So, making certain the vendor is there to help at time of installation, and there to offer after-launch training and support to your business is vital to your individual success. Look! We’ve all been there… you have a question that seems to go outside of the scripted database of Q&A’s provided by the vendor on their website or cloud-based support applications, but you need an answer to be able to move forward. So, where do you find the answer? Do you know your options? Do you know who or where you can reach out to?

(4) Does the vendor have longevity?

Selecting and installing powerful CMMS software options is a long-term commitment. This isn’t something you switch on the fly, or change frequently. So, ensuring the company has a history of consumer satisfaction in the industry is important. Now, we’re not saying the new kid on the block doesn’t have something worth taking another look at. But, you can tell a lot about a product or business by where the leaders of the company came from, and their previous successes and fails. Change is okay. Growth is better. But, if you find a company that shows both longevity and innovation – take note.

(5) Speaking of innovation and growth…

A successful implementation starts with a good CMMS software product. But, long-term success requires future innovation. Constant change can cause disruption, but no change might show complacency or a lack of technology support. You also want to make sure the vendor is listening to their clients. A lack of innovation could show signs of a lack of customer responsiveness. So, don’t be afraid to ask about what might be in the works. That one simple question could help you avoid the need for another massive software change in the coming years.

Landport Systems currently has a new software application in BETA with select clients.

(6) Reporting and analytics.

If you don’t have access to manipulate or export and analyze data related to your maintenance management projects and tasks, then you don’t know how to make strategic adjustments that would allow you to continue to grow your services, trim your bottom line, tackle client concerns more efficiently, and manage your future goals or workforce more effectively. You’re running with your hands tied behind your back.

One of the most important elements of any CMMS will be the communication applications.

One of the main reasons to implement a software solution like a CMMS is to streamline the maintenance process between end-client, business owner, and field team or workforce. The goal is to reduce the time between requests for maintenance, to the deployment of the workforce. If a business can make the end-client feel as though they have access to support resources any time of the day, any day of the week, and their requests are responded to in a timely manner, then you increase customer satisfaction more easily.

Researching and purchasing good CMMS software options shouldn’t feel like an anxiety-ridden trip to the dentist. The guidance of a good software vendor will help you implement a solution that makes sense for you and your business.

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