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FACILITY MANAGERS: When you need a simplified and easy-to-use work order management software that can be quickly & easily implemented across your workforce, but will also provide a powerful, lightweight and fast cloud-based database securely accessible to your dedicated team, clients, or 3rd party service vendors -- you turn to Landport Systems.

You don't need to pay for over-bloated CMMS solutions with tons of extras you will likely never use in your day-to-day operations. You just need something that helps you streamline your routine and emergency maintenance management goals, saves you and your team time managing work order requests and tasks, and keeps operational budgets on track.


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Landport pays for itself many times over.  Our secret: Clearly understanding the customer’s needs, workflow optimization and exceptional customer care - a winning trio.  In addition to cloud-based work order management, we bring you years of knowledge, experience and Best Practices to help you reduce costs, increase efficiency and improve service.  Landport customers get MORE DONE IN LESS TIME, saving precious resources, time and money in the process. 

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Who Are Our Best Customers?

Landport Systems' X1 work order management software currently facilitates maintenance work order projects of millions of square feet right now. It's the perfect lightweight and powerful software solution for any type of property or facility; large or small.

Case Studies

Great Mall of Milpitas

Learn how we reduced lost paper orders and provided a measurable means for tracking work orders from open to close with sophisticated tracking tools.

The Mountain Winery

Increase proficiency and communication and drive seamless service to commercial real estate facility clients.

Arvest Bank

Effectively manage multiple locations and reduce company-wide operational budgets. Better tracking and efficiency than email.


Gain better visibility of your maintenance work orders. Track open tickets and easily follow up with the team on tickets that have not been closed out.

Franziska Racker Centers

See when mechanics are being overwhelmed by work requests, and make snap changes or divert staff to help clear up requests in priority.

Norman Towers

Provide a real-time picture of work order request statuses - who accepted the request, when was it accepted, and when was it completed. Track mechanics’ down time in between work orders and empower staff to create and manage work order tickets.

Alameda County Fire Department

Manage maintenance jobs and schedules, solicit competitive bids from service vendors, perform operational analysis, and obtain detailed reports on vendor cost performance, etc.

Compass Health Network

Manage all work orders in an intuitive, organized way. Handle team-wideiImplementation and system reporting easier with world-class support.