Landport X1 Property Management Software

Landport Systems

Simple, Fast, Powerful and Affordable

Decrease system deficiencies and improve effective workflow with Landport's easy-to-use work order management software. FREE demos available for the leading Facility Management software today in the U.S., Canada, and Mexico.

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Landport X1 Property Management Software
Landport X1 Property Management Software

Landport Systems

Simple, Fast, Powerful and Affordable

See why hundreds of companies and facility manage trust Landport Systems' software for all of their work order management needs.

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Landport X1 Property Management Software

Introducing the new standard in work order management software.

Landport Systems combines the traditional facility management software solutions and CMMS (computerized maintenance management software) solutions while strategically removing the often unused over-bloated features that weigh the software down and make it more costly and challenging to navigate. What’s left is a light, simple, but powerful and affordable work order management solution designed for easy implementation that meets the needs of any facility maintenance management team.

1Requestor submits request
  • Select the service needed
  • Pick preferred hours
  • Submit and monitor request

2Manager creates work order
  • Send work order
  • Monitor progress
  • View reports
  • Create additional requests

3Servicer performs work
  • Bid, accept, confirm orders
  • Suggest additional work
  • Update all parties
  • Generate invoices

Seamless, automatic status updates at every step, for every user.

6 Reasons to use Landport

With over two decades of experience in the facility management software space, Landport’s work order management software application consistently delivers proven results in improving the business management process.

Monitor your work order status anytime, anywhere
Every part of the process is visible to everyone involved from start to finish... the party initially requesting service, to the property manager, to service providers.
Instant notifications
We know your bottom line relies on speed and ease. Every aspect of your work order creation and tracking is fast and simple.
Convenient, built-in bid solicitation
Don’t waste time making repeated calls and leaving messages. The CMMS software allows property managers to manage bids from multiple servicers.
Landport's X1 property management solution
Save time and manage business budgets more closely
Companies that use Landport consistently report increased efficiency and reduced costs.
The only patented process
Landport's X1 software is the only patented work order management software (Patent 8,180,661). Users are getting a vetted, experienced product that passes the test of efficiency.
No long-term contracts
We back up our belief that you’ll love how X1 transforms your business by providing open-ended use.

Learn how Landport's X1 software can transform your business.

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