Commercial Property & Retail Facility Management

Landport Systems provides leading CMMS solutions for lightweight yet powerful digital work order and property maintenance management of commercial real estate property space and retail facilities. You won't find a better solution in retail facility management software or commercial property management software today.

Commercial Real Estate & Retail Facility Management

What is Commercial Real Estate Property Maintenance Management Software?

Whether you're talking about commercial real estate property or retail facilities, property maintenance management software is a must. Why?

Simply put, commercial property maintenance management software is a type of computerized maintenance management system (or CMMS). It's a web-based application that empowers property and maintenance managers with the ability to implement a standardized and comprehensive strategy of creating, scheduling, assigning, and monitoring maintenance work orders for their facilities.

Work order management may involve routine preventative maintenance plans for HVAC, electrical systems, structural integrity checks, grounds maintenance, equipment audits, security & safety systems, and more. Each industry and property will have unique and varied needs based on size, location, staff, production, privacy, equipment and building materials.


Landport System's X1 software is designed to be lightweight and flexible, user-friendly and intuitive, but powerful and featureful.

It's the perfect software compliment to a facility's other administrative or operational systems, and designed to be equally useful for property management personnel or firms of any size; large or small.

Professional commercial property managers bring an invaluable expertise to any real estate investment team or individual property owner. But, a facility manager armed with a strong work order management software will be that much more invaluable.

They will be better equipped to help that organization streamline routine maintenance tasks while more proficiently handling emergency maintenance concerns.

Commercial Retail Facility work order management software

Benefits of Landport's X1 Work Order Management Software

  • Easy Setup & Easy-to-Use
  • Flexible & Customizable
  • Industry-Fluid Features
  • Intuitive Design
  • Affordably Priced
  • Comes With Industry-Leading Customer Support

Providing commercial property maintenance software that delivers!

Here are our top 8 software features:

  • Your business will gain instant insight into your property maintenance costs & budget allocations
  • Easily set up preventive maintenance plans for each aspect of your facility operations
  • Create recurring activities vs. one-time special order or emergency tickets
  • Control access and empower staff, maintenance personnel, tenants and contracted workforce to create or report on work order tickets
  • Manage the delegation of work order tickets and communications between parties
Commercial Property Management
  • Track labor deadlines, work order progress & costs
  • Track 3rd party contractor quotes
  • Use data to track and improve budgets over time and lower operational & contractor costs
  • Improve staff and work force productivity

ย Why Choose Landport Systems?

From the facility management needs of apartment, condo or town home communities to the special care of retirement communities and park facility offices; from commercial office buildings to retail shopping centers and malls, and from recreational and entertainment facilities to personal property investments. No matter the size or complexity of a commercial property's structure, staff, or work environment, Landport Systems can help property managers tackle their unique maintenance management goals.

Landport's patented facility management software is called X1.

The Landport X1 software is an easy-to-use, full-featured work order management software not weighted down with excess functionality you don't need, while providing the powerful communication and reporting features you and your staff do need.

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