Emergency Preparedness Plans for Property Managers

Keeping Up Potential Property with Property Management

As a Property Manager, you are not only responsible for your property, but for all your tenants as well. In the event of an emergency, it’s critically important that your Emergency Preparedness Plan is ready to execute, to help minimize damage made to your property and ensure the safety of your tenants. Consider these tips when updating your Emergency Preparedness Plan:


• Provide your tenants with clear instructions on when and how to evacuate based on the specifics of the disaster.

• Prepare a checklist of what needs to be done and who will be assigned specific tasks in the event of an emergency.

• Meet with your local police and fire departments, American Red Cross representative and insurance agent, to ensure that you have all the right resources available. Review your plan with them.

• Keep a list of key emergency contacts with you at all times. Be prepared to know how 911 is notified of an emergency to ensure the most timely response.

• Check to make sure all emergency exits and fire doors and stairwells are functional and properly identified. Routinely check alarms, fire/safety systems, smoke detectors, etc. Prominently label fire extinguishers and include instructions for their use.

• Keep tabs of any tenants who may need extra help evacuating in an emergency situation.

• For residential properties, encourage tenants with pets to place a pet decal on their door so emergency services can rescue them if necessary.

• Provide tenants with all necessary emergency numbers including the fire department, police department, poison control, and property management’s full contact info, including a phone number for use during non-business hours.

• Make sure key management personnel know how to shut off utilities when needed, including water, gas and electricity, as well as how to respond to power outages.


With a well-formulated Emergency Preparedness Plan, you can ensure the safety of your property and tenants. Contact Landport Systems to see how using our Property and Facilities Management Software can help you be prepared, and streamline communication between all parties during an emergency situation.