3 Common Facility Maintenance Challenges and How to Solve Them

Landport - Tackle Maintenance Challenges

According to Reliable Plant, 80 percent of employees waste an average of 30 minutes a day retrieving information. As a facility manager, you can adopt a CMMS, which can help ensure your employees are working in a more efficient way. So, what is a CMMS? CMMS stands for computerized maintenance management systemย โ€“ and it’s something…

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The Key Benefits of Adopting Proactive Maintenance Management

Proactive Maintenance Management

Every institution has assets or systems that ease its smooth running. For these assets to remain in tip-top shape, an adequate approach to maintenance is needed. There are four primary approaches to asset maintenance management: Reactive Predictive Preventative Proactive Though every maintenance approach has its perks, the proactive approach complements the other methods. Thus it…

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