Simple Ways to Avoid Maintenance Hazards


Maintenance staff are one of the most vital parts of your business. Along with keeping your property and facilities looking their best, they also make sure that everything is working properly. Maintenance staff are vulnerable to multiple on the job hazards. Keep these tips in mind to help avoid some of the most common risks to your maintenance staff:

  • Slips and falls โ€“ most slips and falls are caused by wet surfaces, but they can also be caused by debris on the floor and improper footwear. Make sure all of your maintenance staff keep their work area clean and clear of any debris. Insist that they always use the right signage to alert others to possible dangers.
  • Strains and sprains โ€“ carrying and moving heavy equipment is the number one cause for strains and sprains in maintenance staff. Providing the right training for all of your employees to ensure that they follow proper body positioning and use the right tools while moving can help to prevent these injuries. If you notice that one specific job is causing multiple injuries, look for a different way to get the task done to help cut down on the number of hurt employees.
  • Repetitive motion โ€“ employees that do repetitive motions are more prone to specific injuries that are related to specific movements. Make sure your maintenance workers avoid kneeling or standing in awkward positions for too long. Rotating job tasks can help cut down on the amount of injuries that are caused by repetitive motion.

For all of your property management needs and to ensure that your maintenance workers are connected with the right jobs each day, contact Landport Systems. We can help to improve the overall workflow of your property to be sure that all maintenance is done on time.