Preventive Maintenance 101

Insurance Concept

Preventive Maintenance is a vitally important component of property and facility management. Overlooking, minimizing or ignoring it can result in unexpected breakdowns, e.g., of important equipment, pre-mature wear and tear, and catastrophic failure, all of which can be costly and impact the bottom line.

Landport advocates taking a “Best Practices” approach to Preventive Maintenance, ensuring that it’s organized, well thought out and automated. A good PM plan safeguards the investment you’ve make in your properties, facilities, and equipment. and helps protect the safety of your employees and tenants.

In general, all that’s required in order to formulate a Preventive Maintenance plan is to know what’s required, e.g., what type of equipment you have, where it resides, what maintenance it needs, and how often. The basic process of implementing a PM plan is outlined below:

  1. Setting up equipment for each building/property.
  2. Creating checklists that contain the necessary maintenance instructions and tasks.
  3. Creating Preventive Maintenance work orders to automatically trigger on a pre-determined schedule.

It’s helpful (but not necessary) to track the make, model and serial number data for equipment. Preventative Maintenance work orders are created with a simple description of what needs to be done, e.g., inspection, lubrication, filter changes, etc. Most building equipment requires basic maintenance which can be performed by any qualified technician. Preventative Maintenance work orders can be assigned to in house maintenance staff or third party service vendors. Most PM work orders are performed weekly, monthly, quarterly or annually.

Having a robust Preventative Maintenance plan gives you peace of mind, knowing that the actions necessary to ensure your properties or facilities remain in good working order are being performed on a regular basis.

Landport Systems can provide your company with a Preventative Maintenance work order capability that gets the job done, quickly and efficiently. Contact us today for all your work order management needs.