How Social Media Can Benefit Facility Managers

Social Media

Social Media and Facility Managers

It is almost impossible to avoid social media. From Facebook to twitter, almost everyone has at least one social media account. Using social media as a facility manager can come with many different benefits, including connecting with younger tenants and employees.

While it can be easy to try and avoid social media as a facility manager, you may be able to benefit by paying better attention to it. Since most people who use social media social media check it many times throughout the day, updating your social media account can help to keep everyone updated with what youโ€™re doing. For example, if you are making your organization greener with a new recycling plan, keeping tenants informed about the plan can help to get everyone more involved.

Since social media is constantly updated, people can be sure that they are getting the latest news on all of your programs. Social media can also be the best way to reach out to new employees. With hours spent on social media throughout the week, posting about job openings is one of the best ways to attract young, excited potential employees to your team.

While younger people use social media most, many older professionals are also enjoying social media sites like LinkedIn. Mostly used as a networking site, LinkedIn can be one of the best ways to connect with other facility management professionals and share ideas and information.

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