How Are You Managing Your Facilities Energy?

How Are You Managing Your Facilities Energy?Use these top tips to cut down your facility energy costs!

Running a facility is no walk in the park. There are standards to be held, a building to be maintained, and costs to be dealt with. Fortunately, as a facility manager you don’t have to watch your income be siphoned by energy bills.

If you want to slash your energy costs (and who doesn’t?) while bettering the environment, read on!

  • Cut Night Site Lighting – You can create an “economize mode” for nightfall when the site is at its lowest occupancy. Keep the perimeter site lighting on around your property but turn off lights that have no traffic during the night.
  • Involve the Community – Team up with your custodians, security offers, staff, and faculty to keep lights off, power usage down, and waste to a minimum.
  • Turn Off Vending Machine Lights – Remove light bulbs from all vending machines as an energy-savings initiative!
  • Use Process Improvement to Reduce Kitchen Energy Use – If you have a commercial kitchen in your facility, it’s most likely to be energy-intensive. Make plans for the kitchen staff to keep appliances well-maintained for better energy efficiency, use appliances correctly, and prevent waste.
  • Update Bulbs and Appliances – Switch appliances over to energy-efficient models, or use the energy preferred settings. Replace all the burnt out lights with energy-efficient bulbs to bring costs down.
  • Set Refrigeration Units to the Proper Temperature – The proper temperatures for refrigeration units is between 37 to 40 degrees F and freezers between 0 to 5 degrees F. Check your temperatures to save your dollars!

While you keep your facility’s energy in check, allow us to aid your communication!

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