A Festive Season Can Lead to a Busy Fire Season

Landlords & tenants alike can avoid work spaces or living spaces from going up in flames with these 10 easy safety tips!

With the holiday season in full swing across the United States and fire season even more prevalent here in California, it’s time to take a moment and ensure all fire & safety prevention steps are being reviewed and taken action on! Whether you’re a homeowner, commercial building or facility manager, or your the tenant in a leased condominium, townhome, or apartment space, it’s important to be aware of seasonal safety concerns that heighten fire concerns and take the following tips into considerations.

Landport 10 Holiday Safety Tips

Utilize these 10 safety tips for your business or personal property’s fire prevention measures throughout the winter season and all year long!

  1. Carefully inspect utility and laundry room areas! Remove lint build-up in pipes, behind and underneath clothes dryers, and dust accumulation around appliance venting.
  2. Keep space heaters at least three feet away from anything remotely flammable, and make sure these are monitored. Avoid using when your absent from the property for long periods of time, or consider using units that can be controlled remotely or by timers.
  3. Ask tenants to unplug small appliances when not in use.
  4. Get furnaces and HVAC units serviced before the weather turns cold.
  5. Have a licensed firm inspect and charge fire extinguishers throughout the facility.
  6. Ask for a courtesy inspection from the local fire marshal to uncover any possible hazards in or around the property.
  7. Store emergency safety kits with all of the necessary emergency care products packed and ready to grab and go if the building needs to be evacuated. Have these items strategically placed by multiple exits or near already placed fire extinguishers.
  8. Never overload sockets with too many plugs or multiple joined extension cords.
  9. Only string lights that show no signs of fraying, no exposed wires, damaged plugs, or blown bulbs, and use in areas appropriated – example, interior or exterior lighting.
  10. Turn off all holiday lights over night and in adverse weather. Again, using remote controlled or timed lighting helps.

BONUS TIP: Plan, post & review emergency escape routes with families and tenants to ensure the safety of your workforce and residents in every facililty so everyone is prepared in those cases of emergency.

For easy management of your landlord business and safe upkeep of your property, contact Landport Systems, a proud California company with a national reach and global mission.