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Servicer (onsite staff or vendor)
reviews and responds

  • Servicer provides ETA and cost estimate if needed.
  • Servicer submits invoice and summary ​of ​work completed.

Do I need to download any software and upgrade it in the future? What if I switch to a different computer?

Any computer or mobile device with Internet access is all that’s needed. No software is needed to download. System upgrades are automatic. Landport is ideal for geographically-dispersed property or facilities, minimizing the need to travel between sites.

Is my data secure and safe?

All information is safe and secure on Landport's servers. All actions on work orders are tracked and logged to insure integrity of critical information. Requests for proposals, bids, invoices and electronic building logs are protected from unauthorized access. Users never have to worry about losing their valuable data if their own computers fail.

Do you offer support after the system is operational?

Landport is readily accessible and available at your convenience. Online Quick Reference Guides online provide step-by-step workflow instructions. Landport support staff is also on hand to answer customer questions via email and make routine account adjustments upon request. Business staff is available to address non-technical issues. Advanced support and training is available via web conference.