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Manager reviews and dispatches

  • Property or facility manager reviews and dispatches work order.
  • Manager monitors and acts on all jobs in progress.


If I'm a property or facility manager, how do I get my site plan or building information into Landport?

Site plan and building information can be easily entered into Landport through our data import process and online user administration interface. Once the data is entered, it is secure and safe on Landport's servers. It can be changed, added to or quickly updated at any time.

If I'm a property or facility manager, how do I get my service vendors and suppliers to register and use Landport? What about my users (tenants, employees, residents, etc?)

All that's needed is for the property or facility manager to supply us with a list of their frequently used service vendors and suppliers. We'll contact, register and train them on how to operate Landport. We'll do the same for tenants, employees, residents, etc.

How many users can I have?

Landport offers unlimited users at a flat monthly fee - it’s a simple, scalable, predictable business model.

How long does it take to get the system up and running. Is training available?

Landport account set up is fast and non-disruptive. Setup and training can be completed in less than two weeks. Managers can be trained in one hour. Maintenance staff and service vendors typically takes less than 10 minutes.