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Requestor, manager and servicer are automatically updated

  • Everyone can view a status log, post comments, make suggestions, attach pictures and much more.
  • Landport ensures that everyone has the right information at the right time from start to finish.

How much does X1 cost for the Manager(s)?

Landport charges a one-time setup fee and a flat monthly fee. Landport pricing is simple and all inclusive (Setup, Training, Monthly Usage, Technical Support, all system features and upgrades, and Software Updates).

Property or facility managers with an X1 license can have all their users (tenants, employees, residents, etc.) and service vendors use it at no charge to them.

How much does X1 cost for Servicers/Service Vendors?

Landport charges a flat Monthly Fee based upon number of clients you are servicing.

Service Vendors and Suppliers (i.e. Janitorial, HVAC, Roofing, Electrical service firms) that purchase Landport can have any or all of their clients use it at no charge to send work orders exclusively to them.

Need to add more vendors or user accounts?

No problem. A Landport license allows flexibility, scalability and control over your monthly costs.

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