Chiller Maintenance 101

How often do you think about your chillers? If you are like most facility or property managers, it is probably not on the top of your list of daily priorities. However, keeping your chillers well maintained can help to ensure they are working properly and keeping your buildings cool. Improper or inconsistent maintenance can result in uncomfortable work environments, unhappy tenants, airborne bacteria and premature equipment failure. Keep these tips in mind to ensure that your chillers are well-maintained and fully functional:

  • Keep a daily log, which will enable you to build a history of operating conditions, adjustments and repairs.
  • Make sure to monitor and record all key variables, e.g., pressure, temperature, flow rates, etc.
  • Keep tubes clean, to ensure efficient hear transfer.
  • Check for proper fluid flow.
  • Lower entering water temperature. The lower the temperature of the water that is entering the chiller, the more efficiently the chiller will operate.
  • Check pumps, controls, and related components for proper operation.
  • Maintain adequate refrigerant charge. Find and repair leaks.
  • Perform regular chemical testing to ensure proper water chemistry

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