8 Things to Consider Before Choosing a Facility Maintenance Software

Are you on the hunt for the best facility maintenance software?

Whether you’re managing a commercial or residential property, it’s important to stay on top of maintenance issues as they arise. The best software can help you respond to maintenance issues faster and communicate effectively with the right people. It will also help you keep adequate records of work order history and inventory.

There are several things to keep in mind before you choose your maintenance software. Read on for insight!

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1. Customer Support

Customer support is the first thing to consider when browsing facility management software options. It’s important to choose a vendor for your software that can offer you the customer support that you need. You may require a vendor who provides training for how to implement certain software features. This is especially the case if you’re seeking an advanced platform for maintenance management. Additionally, it’s critical to select a vendor who can assist with troubleshooting at any time. Because facility maintenance is a 24/7 issue, you should have support in using your software 24/7; or at least beyond the traditional 9-to-5 hours.

Ask vendors what support system they offer clients. Can you communicate with them via phone only, or do they offer other methods of communication like app messaging? Choose a vendor who provides impressive customer support so you can minimize software issues.

2. System and Device Integration

Every facility management software system is different. Not every system will integrate easily with your company’s existing software, but not every software may need to integrate either. You’ll want to choose a vendor who provides software that’s compatible with your own, or compatible with the way you and your team conduct business.

Integrating the maintenance system should be painless and fast so you don’t lose valuable time and resources setting it up. Also, check to see what devices can utilize the software. Some systems only integrate with desktop networks; others enable mobile access.

Choose a software system that works best with your processes and expectations.

3. Your Vendor’s Reputation

If you’ve got your eyes on a particular vendor but are hesitant in making the leap, check out their reputation. If possible, inspect customer testimonials or browse online reviews through a variety of review portals. You may be able to find the vendor on Yelp, Google Reviews, or Facebook for example. If not, speak to the vendor’s representative and inquire about reviews and testimonials. You’ll want to consider a vendor who is cited on multiple review channels.

Choose a vendor with high, recent, and detailed reviews.

Lastly, research vendors with large and consistent customer bases. Many vendors will list current prominent customers on their web pages. Look for diverse client lists or case studies. These will indicate a solid vendor reputation and an established client base.

4. Communication Channels

Facility maintenance software enables you to respond quickly to maintenance issues as they arise on your property. They are effective in reducing response times and enabling you to communicate with the right people when you need to.

Inspect the system’s communication channels. How do tenants or employees file maintenance requests through the system? How do you respond, and what channels are available? You’ll want to go with software with cutting-edge, streamlined communication options. The best software solutions provide options, and these communication options ensure you are able to respond to maintenance issues more immediately. Proficient communtications mean you can get repairs underway without a moment’s delay, which makes happier clients.

5. Data and Metric Reporting

Whether you are a facilities operation or property manager, it’s important to keep records of work orders. A solid documentation system can help you stay on top of inventory, manage costs, and recall data from previous repairs easily. The most effective facility maintenance software will enable you to generate work order reports when you need them, and can often act as your own private accounting and inventory management system. What’s more, you should be able to analyze data and metrics through its reporting system.

Look for software that’s user-friendly when it comes to data reporting and can potentially recall this data in a printable format.

6. Scalability

Some properties won’t be expanding anytime soon. Others may have extensive projected growth. No matter what property you manage, if you’re wanting to eventually scale it you’ll want to choose facility maintenance software that welcomes this growth factor.

If you are having trouble assessing the scalability of some software systems, chat with a representative about options. Make sure the software you’re investing in can easily account for property expansion, and avoid any systems that prohibit property growth or make it difficult to add an additional property to existing software accounts.

7. Security & Reliability

Your data is essential, and it should be protected 24/7. This is especially important if you manage a high-end or commercial property containing a lot of financial and private client data.

With the rise of cyber attacks and hacking technology, it’s key to choose a facility maintenance software system that prioritizes your data security. The most reliable software systems will have basic security systems in place; no matter what property you manage or plan you purchase. They should also offer data recovery and protection services in case your data is ever at risk.

Chat with a representative about the security measures certain software provides.

8. Cost & Payment Plans

Implementing facility maintenance software is a significant investment. Nonetheless, it’s an important one to make and should not be taken lightly. Make sure you invest in maintenance software that is cost-effective for you and your property, but don’t settle for a software system simply because it’s affordable. You may be sacrificing significant quality if you do.

Look for vendors who offer convenient payment methods and plans. Some software systems require a one-time annual fee for leasing. Others may charge on a monthly basis. Choose a vendor with a pricing plan that meets your needs, and make sure you check for hidden fees.

Choosing Your Facility Maintenance Software

Staying on top of facility maintenance is essential to maintaining your property’s integrity and reputation. Investing in maintenance software can help you respond quickly to issues as they arise and keep track of work orders. When you choose a software system, make sure you’ve done your research.

Inspect the vendor’s reputation, security options, and support system. Choose a system that integrates easily with your own, and don’t sacrifice quality for affordable cost.

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