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Norman Towers affordable housing community uses Landport to increase tenant satisfaction with an efficient work order management process.



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Norman Towers is an affordable rental housing community located in East Orange, NJ. To manage maintenance, they were using a three-part, written work order system. Tenants would call requests in, which would be logged by the building receptionist. Mechanics would then write out the work order, hand it in when complete, and then mark it in the request log. This created time-consuming paperwork and storage issues, with lost productivity due to all the back and forth. Requests were not being completed in a timely manner


Along with the paperwork, storage, and time issues, it was difficult to track the amount of time the mechanics spent on a job request. Staff also wanted a way to track parts and material used so they could get an idea of parts inventory. After reviewing several programs, Landport was exactly what the staff needed, at the right price, without adding unnecessary complication.

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Work orders are now closed by the mechanics as soon as the job is completed. This allows staff to immediately call the tenant to make sure they are happy with the completed job. Management now has a real-time picture of when the work request was made, who accepted the request, the time it was accepted, and when it was completed. They also can track the mechanics’ down time in between work orders, allowing them to effectively assign PM tasks.

Easy to implement and use, low cost, excellent phone and online tech support!

Organization Norman Towers, affordable housing community
Industry Housing
Results Much faster time to completion, with solid staff organization and parts tracking