Franziska Racker Centers

The Racker Centers uses Landport for smooth preventative maintenance and fast work order processing



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The Franziska Racker Centers is a non-profit in New York dedicated to creating opportunities for people with special needs, including special education, clinical therapies, and community support services. With over 31 sites in three counties, and more than 750 employees, and a huge growth rate, the Racker Centers was managing its work requests via a database fi le, which involved too much paper and very little feedback to staff members originating the requests. Work requests would sit unfinished, and weeks would go by before management could see what was still outstanding.


The Racker Centers needed to find an internet-based work order system, or else create one that would reside on their servers. The Racker Centers facilities personnel spoke with Landport users who managed millions of square feet of real estate space and were pleased with the results. The decision was made to move to Landport’s all-internet based system.




After implementing Landport, it’s now easy for supervisors to see when mechanics are being overwhelmed by work requests, and it’s a snap to make changes or divert staff to help clear up requests. Work load charts and larger scheduling projects are hassle-free in the Landport system, and the facilities crew has ability to creative repeating preventative maintenance requests, which help alleviate crisis management issues. Landport has made The Racker Centers overall more smooth to run.

We wouldn’t have been able to more than double the number of facilities we manage (from 15 to 31) over the last 10 years, while only increasing my maintenance staff by 50%, without your product.

Organization Franziska Racker Centers, Inc.
Industry Non-profit
Results Work order requests are processed in a timely manner, with bigger projects running smoothly