DistributionNOW uses Landport for efficient work order tracking, changing how orders are tracked and managed.



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DistributionNOW is an industry-leading distributor of pipe, valves, fittings and flanges, valve actuation, artificial lift systems, tools, and safety supplies to the energy and industrial markets. To manage work order requests, they were using a shared email mailbox, making it tough to track incoming requests and follow up with completion. With a 47-acre campus to maintain, there was no way to follow through on requests, or prioritize them.


Landport was affordable compared to other systems, easy to use, and had terrific functionality. Easy setup and customization was provided to the team, and they were off and running immediately.




The ticket closing function was a huge improvement--no more tickets languishing in an unchecked mailbox for months on end. The visibility means that management can see if tickets are left open, and follow up with the team.

The Landport system allows for a solid PM schedule set up, so that even if someone leaves or is out of the office, the schedule is still visible and other team members can pick up the project. End users creating tickets can follow up on their own requests. The DistributionNOW team is more efficient overall as a result.

Landport is up and running. People love it and so do we. Thank you again for all you did and for getting us set up and going!

Organization DistributionNOW
Industry Facilities
Results Work order tickets closed in a timely manner, efficient team tracking, visibility in workflow